Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What would Nelson do......

It's me and the lady's 6 month anniversary today so i'm gonna be making her dinner. it looks like it'll be macaroni cheese. i rock like a beaver.

in other news, i think that making a bold choice about the programming languages taught at the University of Glasgow without consulting Nelson Mandella (considering the part he had to play in the end of Apartheid) would be naive. the next time you have something important to think about, ask yourself...What would Nelson do?

peace out. Spoons X

Monday, October 18, 2004

Computer make me want to die....

My laptop died last week but it's kinda back now. i'm getting broadband but my love of computers is lost.

another lost love this week is the mobile phone. i realised this week that some people don;t answer their mobile if they don;t know who's calling. what kind of wack shit is that?

"Aw, it didn;t display your number so I thought it'd be either my girlfriend or my mum and i didn't want to speak to eitherof them"

Oh well then, that's no bother. I've just lost a good number of my photos cos you wouldn't answer your phone and tell me how to fix the fucking laptop, but i'll just smile and look like a silly cunt with half his photos missing. For the love of christ.

Admittedly the photos were lost because i went in a massive cream-puff and wiped the hard drive but at the end of the day, if you're not gonna answer your phone when you don't know who's calling, throw the fucking thing in the clyde. you're no use to me.

but enough of that. the offending person saved me on a number of computer-related occasions later in the week so i'll let him off.

this week i also made purchase of a dymo labelpoint 100 which i placed a bid for on ebay when i was half-cut. not the best idea, shopping on ebay whilst steamin' but it turned out to be a good purchase. i've prodused such classic labels as:

"breathalyser: blow here" and

"DJ Toast R.I.P"

what an investment. anyway, at the moment i'm listening to a fine combination of Benny Golson and Art Tatum. get listening kids. it's fresh! (and by fresh I mean recorded about 65 year ago!) Holler!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

And so it begins......

so it appears that everyone in the 4th yr computing class has a blog. so why not me? well mostly because i'm a lazy bastard but i felt it was time for a change!

anyway, the plan is to come on here and spraff some shite every now and then, when it takes my fancy. i might be on once a month, i might be on twice a day, we'll just have to wait and see.

also, this place will provide a useful space for my ideas. the ideas i've had so far today have been as follows:

* buy a green laser pen from ebay and have it modified to a range of 135,000 feet, then make it my lifes work to follow someone around all the time and shine it in their eyes wherever they go
* buy a remington 4809 SP-10 Magnum Gas Operated Shotgun, 10 Gauge with the camo paint job and take a lift down from level 11 of the boy george building to the ground floor, then when the doors open, shoot the first person i see in the face.

as you will note, todays ideas have taken a violent twist. i blame this party on matt gemmell (mattgemmell.com) and chris miller (chris-miller.org) who always bring out the worst in me! just moments ago chris left the lab with the following conversation:

me: what's in the bag dude, your mac?
chris: it is indeed my powerbook
me: nice, how much did it cost you?
chris: about a grand and a half. i'm gonna go in the lift and smack someone in the face with it

so there it is.

anyway, more from me later!