Thursday, October 07, 2004

And so it begins......

so it appears that everyone in the 4th yr computing class has a blog. so why not me? well mostly because i'm a lazy bastard but i felt it was time for a change!

anyway, the plan is to come on here and spraff some shite every now and then, when it takes my fancy. i might be on once a month, i might be on twice a day, we'll just have to wait and see.

also, this place will provide a useful space for my ideas. the ideas i've had so far today have been as follows:

* buy a green laser pen from ebay and have it modified to a range of 135,000 feet, then make it my lifes work to follow someone around all the time and shine it in their eyes wherever they go
* buy a remington 4809 SP-10 Magnum Gas Operated Shotgun, 10 Gauge with the camo paint job and take a lift down from level 11 of the boy george building to the ground floor, then when the doors open, shoot the first person i see in the face.

as you will note, todays ideas have taken a violent twist. i blame this party on matt gemmell ( and chris miller ( who always bring out the worst in me! just moments ago chris left the lab with the following conversation:

me: what's in the bag dude, your mac?
chris: it is indeed my powerbook
me: nice, how much did it cost you?
chris: about a grand and a half. i'm gonna go in the lift and smack someone in the face with it

so there it is.

anyway, more from me later!


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