Wednesday, November 10, 2004

i'm always ready, i won't let you out of my sight

right. when you next go for a shower, don't forget to take your clothes off otherwise they'll get fuckin' soaked and you'll not get clean properly. that would be seriously shit.

it's been a busy past wee while for me but there's not really been anything worth mentioning in here so i'll pass it by. apart from the radio show which was the rawest form of shit last week but somewhat more kickass this week. if you're out there and have time to spend on a monday evening, it's 8-9BST on pretty much just an hour of banter and will smith tunes but what the fuck else would you want on a monday night. gary glitter records? i don't fuckin' think so.

anyway, on we go with this week. got the quiz tonight so i'll go and write that now. it was a lot quieter last week and this week is the old firm match so i cant see it being heaving*.

keep it ghetto and remember that if you're trying to study in the library and darth vader comes and sits next to you and starts doing that fuckin' breathing thing with the tubes, just tell one of the security guards. it's their problem. don't try to be a hero!


* see also colleen's bosom


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude i am all about the showering with the clothes on, also gotta keep the AK close, you never know if Neil is about. Check Dis

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... is well worth a listen between 8-9, email the dawg and he will even give th area you live in the title of "place name" massive :p

Loving it spoonie

Will tune in again next week.


12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, i am looking for a song, and ur blog's title is exact the lyric in that song,"i'm always ready, i won't let you out of my sight"
so, would u like to tell me who's song it is? mail to thanks =)

5:41 PM  

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