Monday, November 01, 2004

Spoonie, live in Tokyo 1979...

it was a busy week last week. not expected to be, but that's how these things go! today's supposed to be my day off but i've got a meeting from 11-1, another 1-2, a third from 3-4 and a re-scheduled lecture from 4-5, then the beginning of my radio show (off the hinges with Spoonie and Troutfish) tonight from 8-9 at

as well as that, i had to be in the lab early to borrow a book and read up on Java and XML in advance of a meeting later today. admittedly, if i hadn't agreed to host a lecture on a subject i know nothing about, this wouldn't have happened, but that's what happens when you're a fat ginger loud-mouthed wank!

work is building up for uni and when you get shite like a "professional issues" essay which doesn't even seem to be assessed, then it makes you want to do someone harm. nonetheless, one must do one's best.

in other news, went out in town last night and never txted to say that she was home safe. i'll let you know if she made it home alive soon.

and remember, if things are going bad, just think to yourself 'at least i wasn't standing admiring the scenery in nagasaki town centre at 11:02 am, on august 9, 1945.

peace out.


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