Wednesday, December 15, 2004

If I Die Tomorrow

Why the fuck did I say I would have a heap of project stuff finished for the end of this week. It was never gonna happen! And now all my proper handins are complete and here's me looking at the bottle of jim beam on the shelf thinking i could get fired into it, and i've got this shite to do. baws!

In good news, Motley Crue are back together for a final world tour. tickets for glasgow on the 14th of june. got mine already!

bring the rukkus

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

bounce on the devil, put the pedal to the floor

spent a large part of today at IBMs plant at Greenock, being talked through various elements of their business and their supply chain in particular. it was a fine chance to get out of the city (even if it was to greenock!) and the boy who did the majority of the talk was decent. strikes me as being hell of a complicated system tho. the supply chain side of IBM alone has 19,000 employees. There must be a strong team spirit among that lot!

apart from that, it's been another day. weather's fuckin miserable at the moment tho. it's super foggy all round! might get a few photos on the way up to the quiz cos it looks a bit eerie. reminds me of the cmoke clearing when we rolled through the streets of mogadishu. nah, wait, that was the rangers.

anyway, i only really wanted to get online and mention that i saw someone today with the spinning rims which have featured prominantly in rap music over the last year, passing through the west end of glasgow today. but what was rolling on those tasty wheels? a FIAT PUNTO! that's not even good enough to justify a diss!