Wednesday, January 12, 2005

georgia on my mind

greetings from 2005. it's a whole different year. like 2004 in a lot of ways, but the one after. the relationship those years have is similar to the relationship between 'jurassic park' and 'jurassic park 2 - the lost world' except i'm hoping that this year is ace. and JP2 was a shitfest.

what did '04 give me? 2 girlfriends, more exams, the hardest year of my life education wise, a crazy freshers week etc, etc.

so what's ahead? job interview next week, last quiz ever in march, final exams in may/june, motley crue live in glasgow in june, graduation in the summer and hopefully employment. fuck me - there's plenty to come.

well there's been a shitload of stuff in the news recently about the tsunami but i'm not gonna dwell on that here. everyone else can do that for me. gives you a lot to think about.

i hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready to tackle '05 head on. it's gonna be a great year for me, i can feel it! i've already got one great ebay sale on the go. bring on the rest!

peace out