Tuesday, February 01, 2005

she asked me "are you a christian child?" and i said "man, i am tonight!"

so fuckin' unmotivated to do any uni work it's unbelievable. i can't be arsed creating a new questioning style for PRS handsets, i have no interest in equality in HRM and i couldn't give a flying fuck about supply chain modelling in powersim. i have more free time right now than at any other stage since i started university but i do nothing with it. i go from quiz on a wednesday, fuck about, it's the weekend, go to work a couple of times, fuck about, it's wednesday quiz time again and so on it goes in cycles.

on the positive, i've spent the last couple of months looking for suitable graduate jobs and filling in application forms and i've finally seen some good feedback. got through to an interview and a phone interview and heard over the last few days that i've passed each of those and now it's assessment centre time. here's hoping someone wants to give me a job at the end of it all!

nonetheless, tonight is a whole night i have free to devote to university work so i should really do something about it. i think i might force myself to write those pieces i was meant to do before christmas!

i am shit!



Anonymous G--x said...

milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner chocolate's made!!!!

6:00 AM  
Anonymous G-MO said...

Peace Out!

5:47 AM  

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