Friday, May 27, 2005

Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time

Well it's been fucking ages since I've posted anything on here so there's plenty to chat about! Lets get in in some kind of order:

Finished. Exams went ok, but to be honest, not that great! It's a disappointing feeling when you get to the last lot and you're just looking for get through them and then you make a bollocks of Neural Computing and want to hang yourself! Enrolled for graduation yesterday. £49 - mmm, cheap!

Things are grand as always at the UGC. We had a visit the other day from Cineworld who are taking over the cinema after their buy-out at christmas so I've yet to hear how that went. Next year brings a new challenge with me starting a sabbatical position on the SRC from July 1st. I was elected earlier this month so I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Not anything of real significance. Hosting an event on sunday at walkabout in town for charity with my right-hand man DJ Troutfish on the decks so it should be good. apart from that, just been spending time with my peeps and watching star wars films over and over again!

Once Uni finshes, summer no longer has any real meaning. This time next year I'll not be looking forward to months and months of loafing about and even this year, I start the VP job on July 1st so there's not a great deal of free time till then, but me and the wife are heading to Greece for some island hopping at the end of June and then it's graduation on July 5th. There's also the presidents dinner at the QMU before then and the computing grad ball, which I'd best start writing my speech for!

Anyway, I need a shower so I'll be getting off now but get yourselves a copy of 'I'm on a Roll' the new album from Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes. It's a beast!!

Holler at your boy!