Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And it's been a while, since I could hold my head up high

Been far too long since i've been a part of this game, so i thought since i now have the internet in my flat again, i'd best get back to it!

Since I last wrote, lots has happened. I started my new job at the SRC and Vice-President (Education) and i've been hard at that since the first of july. It's going pretty well and although it has its ups and downs in terms of achievements and feeling like you're getting somewhere, I'm still confident that the University will be a better place when I've finished then when I started, even if only a little!

Just before I started that, me and the wife went on holiday to Greece. Had a magic time in Athens and on Santorini and Naxos. I took some magic photos too and just got round to getting them printed this week, which was really nice. We got home at the start of July, just as everything changed! New job, new flat and a graduation! Yikes!

Graduation was really good fun and it was a really proud moment when I wandered up and got that scroll. It seems a strange thing to get for 4 years of effort, but at least my CV can now say 'Obtained' instead of 'Expected'! The grad ball with the computing posse was lovely too and it was a good chance to say hello after not seeing people for ages, and an even better chance to say goodbye to those I may never see again. Good luck to all the computing posse out there doing their thing!

The new flat is lovely and my flatmate Lynne is an absolute gem to live with! she's fun, clean and easily persuaded to eat a lot of junk food while we mong out in front of the telly so that's magic!! we've had some real problems with the letting agents recently, but i'm trying not to let that get to me too much!! that's a story for another day!!

I took up american football about 6 weeks ago and we have our first game of the season on the 6th of november. i'm playing guard on the 0-line which id mighty good fun, if a bit sore!!

Been going through a bit of a soup making phase recently! This happens to me every now and then but especially so at the moment. I am completely skint because my last pay cheque had 3 months worth of tax deducted so with my last few quid, i bought a huge pot and a heap of vegetables! my favourite at the moment is sweet potato and carrot, but the pea and mint soup i made for me and the wifes 18month anniversary dinner was delightful!

Anyway, it's bed time so the rest can wait!
Loads of love
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