Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ho, ho mo leannan, Ho, ho mo leannan bhoidheach

So happy new year I guess, to all those who I've not seen in a while (and that's too many!) I was ding a little roundup of the blogs that computing people still keep alive and it was nice to see what everyones up to. Disappointed that Colleens didn't have any topless pics (and that it hadn't been updated in about a year!) but you can't win them all!

Recently, my time has been divided exactly 50/50 between watching the NFL and making soup. At one point, I found myself sitting with 10 of the other Tigers boys (Glasgow Uni's American Football Team) eating some of my fine soup while watching the NFL, thus combining my two favourite tasks! On reading this, one might be lead to believe that I have very little to live for, and am merely whiling away the days until my inevitable death, however I might just have to tell such a person to go fuck themself! It's been a strange period recently, with Christmas and New Year and at the moment I'm taking real pleasure in the little things in life. Tonight I was training with the Tigers at the University's Garscube Sports Complex, in miserable weather, yet I couldn't stop and admire the way in which the wind was blowing the rain across the flood lights. It made for a nice sight. Now of course, that makes me sound like a little emo bufty, but the difference is, I am a rock moster of biblical proportions! I dug out my old stingray and gave it a new set of sttrings and a battery and took it along to jam with my current glasgow band Quoxite and was shocked at just now much fo a racket the thing made. Yes, it's been back to basics for me!!